New features in AspNetDating 6.5

New features 

  • Option "Only paid members can read e-mail". If enabled then free members will see "upgrade to read" text instead of the actual message. 
  • Option "Auto approve classifieds"
  • Option "Maximum number of active classifieds per user"
  • Support for comments on the home page user events (similar to Facebook)
  • Billing plan option whether users can view explicit photos
  • Photo capture via webcam
  • Added "Relationship status" user field. Users can select if they are "Single", "In a relationship", "Engaged", "Married", "It's complicated", "In an open relationship". The user can also specify the other user in that relationship and a link will be shown on their profile.
  • Users can post their status updates directly to Facebook
  • Users can easily invite their friends from Facebook
  • User events page that shows all the recent events and details for that user
  • Option to generate square thumbnails (crop if necessary)
  • Option to disable gender information (for single-gender or other sites that do not need the gender info)
  • Option to disable the age information (for sites that do not need the age/birthday info)
  • Experimental support for "lazy load" for images
  • Integrated in-site translation for messages and profiles (using Google Translate API)
  • Ability to specify which profile questions are editable by paid users only
  • Ability to specify which profile questions are visible by paid users only
  • Added support for social bookmarking via AddThis (over 50 services including: Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Google Bookmarks, Live, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and many more)

 Upgraded features

  • Ability to send announcements per region
  • Banners can be targeted by country, state, city, gender, paid status, age and non-logged visitors
  • The admin part and user part translations are now separated
  • The import friends from e-mail feature now allows users to select which friends they want to invite
  • Added color picker to the edit skins page
  • Gadget file names can be changed from the settings
  • Showing new e-cards in the Vista gadgets
  • SEO Meta tags support for the Classifieds section
  • Users can change their albums visibility
  • Users are notified when another member gives them access to private content
  • Existing users can link their account with Facebook
  • FaceFinder plugin is now 100% managed code
  • Better caching for the banner
  • All javascripts are combined in a single load for up. Page load time is shortened by 40-60%
  • The payment with credits system now supports charging for chat, blog post, send e-card, view videos, view photos

 Cosmetic changes

  • Users are automatically redirected to edit their profile after the registration is completed
  • Replaced FCKEditor with the Ajaxtoolkit html editor
  • Combined the "Find mutual friends" and "Find a connection" features